Any financial support will be much appreciated. Royalties from the sale of Guerrilla Diplomacy do not accrue to the author but flow instead directly into a scholarship fund established at Dalhousie University in the name of Glyn Berry. He was a colleague killed by an improvised explosive device while on assignment to the Canadian Provincial Reconstruction Team office in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2005.

The author works full time advocating for performance and capacity improvements related to diplomacy and the management of S&T-driven global issues – climate change, diminishing biodiversity, resource scarcity, environmental collapse, management of the global commons, and so forth. Meeting this challenge will require both increased public and media awareness, and also the radical reform of international organizations and the entire diplomatic ecosystem: foreign ministry, foreign service and diplomatic practice.

To even begin to respond represents an enormous enterprise, and the vast majority of the author’s activities in support of the reform agenda are performed on a pro bono publico basis, without the receipt of fees or honoraria. It is a continuing challenge to largely self-finance an active, multi-media, multinational campaign of speaking, writing, and advocating in favour of the principles and practices of guerrilla diplomacy.

If you believe that:

  • In the age of globalization, security is not a martial art but is based instead on equitable, sustainable, human-centred development
  • There are no military solutions to the most profound threats and challenges which imperil the planet, most of which are rooted in science and driven by technology
  • Diplomacy – dialogue,negotiation, compromise, representation, knowledge-based problem-solving and complex balancing – must replace defence as the international policy option of choice

Please consider supporting the activities which help to advance these convictions.The planet is in peril and there are no military solutions to the most fundamental threats associated with the globalization age. As a journalism professor friend of mine recently remarked “It has never been easier to get published, but it has never been more difficult to get compensated”. He is right. The preparation of commentaries,speeches and articles for academic journals takes considerable thought, time and effort. The returns are meager to non-existent

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