Daryl Copeland at University of Victoria – December 2, 2009

Daryl Copeland will speak at 3:30 PM on 2 December in MacLauren D281 – University of Victoria.

Under the sponsorship of the university branch of the Canadian International Council and Centre for Global Studies to present his book:

Guerrilla Diplomacy:
Rethinking International Relations

Daryl Copeland is an independent and critical thinker on Canadian foreign policy. He is on academic leave from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and seconded to the University of Southern California’s Center on Public Diplomacy and the University of Toronto’s Munk Centre for International Studies. A bio-sketch can be found here.

In his book Daryl Copeland argues that diplomacy, re-tooled for the 21st century, must displace defence at the centre of international policy.

The introductory overview is available for download.

1 thought on “Daryl Copeland at University of Victoria – December 2, 2009”

  1. Good morning Daryl,
    I listened to your interview on CBC radio yesterday regarding your ideas of modifying the Canadian diplomatess methodology of completing the tasks involved in their positions. I was very inspired to hear of this “guerrilla diplomacy” concept, as I agree that it the on-the-ground connections that create change and develop relationships. A combination approach of the current and suggested methods could be quite successful!
    I am the Director of our International Office at Nipissing University and have been involved in student and faculty mobility for the past 15 years. Your concept got me wondering about the future populations we are training in our higher education systems. In your opinion, what are the desired “intercultural competencies” that these young people should be acquiring through their studies and international mobility experiences? I’m very interested in intercultural training concepts, and more importantly ensuring that our education system curricula provides the opportunities and content for students to acquire the appropriate skills enabling them to develop global mindedness and have the tools to take action.
    These thoughts resonate with another role I pursue, as the “Mobility Chapter” representative on the Canadian Bureau of International Education Board of Directors. I am always exploring potential speakers for our annual conference. Next year it will be held at the end of October in Calgary, Alberta. You may find out more about the CBIE proceedings from the recent conference held in November in Toronto at http://www.cbie.ca.
    I would welcome an opportunity to speak with you further on these issues!

    I am on the executive of the Canadian International Council Nipissing Branch, located in the North Bay region of Ontario. On behalf of our branch, I wonder if you would be interested in being one of our featured speakers some time in 2010? Perhaps it could coincide with one of your trips to Toronto, as we are located just 3.5 hours north of Toronto by vehicle.
    My work # is 705-474-3450 x 4105. I can also be reached on my cell at 705-498-9236.

    I look forward to purchasing and reading your book over the holidays!
    Best regards,
    Karen Strang

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