What Ails Diplomacy? Follow the Money

Part four of the Guerrilla Diplomacy web series – a brief comment by Daryl Copeland that follows where the money goes to for politicians like senators and representatives. They have accepted many forms of payment like dividend trading, stock trading and asset-based lending were just a few discovered.
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3 minutes, Ecotone Productions (Produced by Chris Lowry)

Tools for a more resilient public diplomacy (guest post)

Editor’s note: As a treat for readers of the GD blog, it is a pleasure to present this guest post by colleague and friend Ali Fisher. It approximates a presentation he made via videoconference to my MA class on “Science, Technology, Diplomacy and International Policy” at Ottawa University on October 10.

Towards for a more resilient public diplomacy

With the right tools, smarter networks and collaborative strategies there is potential to deliver a more resilient and sustainable public diplomacy.


  • Public diplomacy is regularly cast as a long term activity, often around building lasting relationships or impact and frequently focused on engaging young people or the ‘next generation’.

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Rejuvenating the diplomats

The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Guerrilla Diplomat, Daryl Copeland, on the effective use of nation brands in a ‘heteropolar’ world

The rising powers all have different kinds of power, China in manufacturing, India in intellectual services, Russia in energy resources, Europe in “soft” power. Middle powers like Canada and Australia have less relative clout, so must use their ‘brand’ more effectively”